Clinica Dental Cotten


Calle Sabino Arana 40, 1° 2a
08028 Barcelona

Tel: (+34) 932 04 10 69


Cancún - Quintana Roo

Tel: (+52) 1 998 256 4716
Cel: (+52) 1 998 116 0826

2015.   Clinica Cotten opens in Mexico, Cancún her second Basal implantology center

2014 In Tokyo Japan , Dr. Cotten became Fellow and Diplomate of the ICOI , International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

1984-2014 . In 2014 the Basal Implantology celebrates its 30th anniversary. It was presented for the first time by Dr. Gérard Scortecci in Munich (Germany)in June 1984 at a convention implantology.

The Cotten Clinic, Cosmetic and Restorative Dental Clinic , is a benchmark centre for implant dentistry (basal implantology) in Spain. Specific, non invasive techniques are used in implant dentistry, in treatments for periodontitis, orthodontics and dental cosmetics.

Classic implantology without incisions or sutures with the implant and crown inserted immediately when the conditions are favourable.

Basal implantology with the implants and fixed teeth in 2-3 days, without resorting to grafts when there is a lack of bone.

Pain-free, non-invasive and non-surgical treatments for periodontitis, to treat bleading gums, bad breath, dental mobility and often saving your teeth.

Dental cosmetics, with metal-free ceramic or zirconium veneers and caps. Stright teeth with Invisalign clear orthodontics.

The clinica has a Dental Lab with the ultimates scan and CAD-CAM technologies, specialist in cosmetics zircone and ceramic.

The clinica Cotten is specialized in the dental implantology even in the cases of important loss of bone, without bone graft, sinus lift , specialized in the implant placement in flapless surgery and immediate loading without surgery of the gums. The alternative to bone graft which enables you to have an esthetic immediate prothesis as well as fixed teeth over implants. Specialized in the periodontal diseases, bleedings of the gums, bad breath, mobility of the teeth, with processing without pain. Spécialised in the processing esthetic with veeners, crowns and bridges made of ceramic and zircone