Cotten Clinic is a dental center specialized in implantology, peridontology, ortodonctics and dental aesthetics.
We prioritize a personalized service to patient studying in depth each individual case and to provide the most suitable treatment for each problem. We have dental centers in Barcelona (Spain) and Cancún (Mexico).
Cotten Clinic is composed by a professional team of dental prosthetists led by Dr. Cotten; our differential value is not only the experience and professionalism, but also our individually assistance.

In addition to dental implants, as reference clinic in Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry, we offer specialized treatments in Dental Periodontology, Invisible Orthodontics and Dental Aesthetics.
Dr Cotten is specialist in implantology and basal implantology (when there is lack of bone) for more then 20 years; he has the Degree in Medical Basal Implantology at Nice Sophia Antipolis University  (France) and  has the degree Fellow & Diplomate ICOI (USA International Congress of Oral Implantologist). He has an extensive clinical experience in basal and axial implants to treat patients with lack of bone requiring implants .
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Dental implantology

The dental implantology appealed mainly to the axial or crestal implantology  when patients have  adequate bone support. In cases of bone déficts or low bone quality the best alternative to transplantation with les side effects is the basal implantology. This specialty is part of the activity of the Cotten Clinic for more then 20 years.

Axial Implantology(or crestal) is recommended for patients who have enough bone to undergo to surgery with alveolar bone. This implantology type is made with conical and cylindrical implants and is the most common surgery.  This is the implantology we use for most of the cases when the bone is correct.
When there is lack of bone,  Basal Implantology is an alternative to bone graft, alternative to sinus lift.
Patients who have trusted in Cotten Clinic over the years have always stood out for a common characteristic, no one could offer them solutions to their problems. Many of them have told us negative past experiences that have made them waste their time, money and hope. See their testimonies.

Basal implantology is a very serious matter and therefore should be treated with great professionalism and accuracy. This specialty is validated by an university degree and requires an advanced prosthetic and surgical training; It is also necessary to develop that activity with great precision.
At Cotten Clinic we guarantee providing you an exclusive service with a detailed study of your problem.
Follow this link to learn more about implantology at Cotten Clinic.

Dental Periodontology

At Cotten Clinic we carry out specialized treatments in preventive and curative dental periodontics with non invasive treatments. Periodontitis is a disease that initially affects gums and leads to progressive bone destruction wiping out thebone that supports teeth.
Periodontitis initially manifests with bleeding and swollen gums (gingivitis). If this disease is not early treated with a specific treatment, patient probably will lose all his teeth and will suffer health side effects.
If you need a periodontitis or gingivitis treatment,  read more details about periodontics treatments available at Cotten Clinic.

Beside is a picture of microbiological analysis of plaque conducted microscopically directly in front of the patient. Note the presence of an existing bacterial and parasitic flora under the gums retracted when there are gum diseases, periodontitis or pyorrhea. 

Invisible Orthodontics

 We have an extensive experience in invisible orthodontics treatment and the advanced technical resources and procedures to carry it out (INVISALIGN).

 The most efficient and esthetic alternative to the classic orthodontic braces (brackets), is the INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics that that allows aligning teeth efficiently.

At Cotten Clinic we work with INVISALIGN, a treatment in orthodontics aesthetics that will allow you to know and visualize the final result before beginning treatment.
Other important advantage of invisible braces  is that you'll have the chance to remove them without professional help, this will help you to perform diary dental hygiene and will not affect to your social life. You can remove INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics to eat, in special occasions... whenever you need!

We are specialists in the beautiful smiles. If you would like more information about invisible and transparent orthodontics treatments at Cotten Clinic please, click here.

Dental Aesthetics and anti-agging.

If you need to correct the shape of your smile and your teeth, we will advise you about the most suitable dental aesthetics treatment with a personalized service which show you first what might be the aesthetic result before begenning yout treatment.

After studying the details of your mouth and your teeth  which have consequences to your smile, we explain you the solutions to correct and embellish your smile. We use dental implants, crowns and veneers made of zirconium, ceramic or composite and the combination of differents materials if it is necessary.
 Dental aesthetics with dental crowns or  veneers can adjust the height of teeth and correct defects, close interdental gaps and whiten your teeth.

Read more about dental aesthetics at Cotten Clinic.

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